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The Landscape Lighting Experts

The Landscape Lighting Experts

At Ultra Shine Holiday Lighting, the customer always comes first. We take pride in offering the highest quality products and service in the industry.

Landscape lighting can add ambiance, style, and security to a home or business property. If you drive around your community during the evening hours, you will probably notice a variety of landscape lighting sources, such as pathway lights, driveway lights, floodlights on homes, businesses, or foliage, and a variety of other attractive outdoor lights around various properties. The professionals from Ultra Shine Holiday Lighting would like to introduce you to the landscape lighting services we offer to all of our residents. We gladly provide landscape lighting services to people who live or work in McPherson, Salina, Ellsworth, Hutchinson, Abilene, Lindsborg, and many other communities throughout the Central Kansas vicinity.

As a fully licensed and insured company, our customers can trust that we follow all safety regulations and industry guidelines. Our company is comprised of many off-duty firefighters, and our team members are experienced in working around a variety of settings and landscape features. We know the value that professionally installed landscape lighting can add to a property, and we are happy to add value, security, and character to your home or business at any time.

Professional Landscape
Lighting Services

Our experienced crew works closely with each client to determine your needs and wants for your lighting package. We will walk the perimeter of your property with you as we learn about the ideas you have for your lighting features, and we can offer our suggestions, too. Whether you want to add landscape lights to highlight beautiful features around your place, or if you want to add pathway lights for safety and security purposes, then we have the lighting packages for you. We understand that your home or business is a valuable asset to you, and we want to help you enhance your place unlike any other addition to your property.

The professionals from Ultra Shine Holiday Lighting have the equipment and the training required to design custom lighting packages for every type of property. In addition to creating a beneficial design for your place, we also offer amazing installation services, maintenance services, and so much more. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all of your landscape lighting projects, as well as a variety of other lighting services, too.

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The success of our business relies heavily on the satisfaction of our customers; therefore, we aim for 100% satisfaction with every lighting installation service we provide and other services we offer, too. Our dedicated team members enjoy adding light and brilliance to a wide array of properties around the Central Kansas communities, and we welcome the chance to work with you on your property throughout the year.

If you would like to learn more about the landscape lighting services we offer, or any of our other lighting packages, then please reach out to a representative from Ultra Shine Holiday Lighting at any time. We are glad to discuss our services with you, our availability, and our pricing, too. Our professionals are also available to offer a free estimate for a potential project, and we can answer any questions you may have, as well. The team members from Ultra Shine Holiday Lighting are an enthusiastic group of professionals who enjoy working with people throughout the area. We take great pride in the work we do and in adding lighting features that highlight beautiful properties around Central Kansas.

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We will gladly answer any questions that you may have about our services, and we can provide you with a free estimate for a potential project, too. Our team members are excited to learn more about your special event and discuss ways that we can help to add to the festiveness of the occasion. As always, we look forward to hearing from you any time!

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